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We can help you pay off your title loan, give you a much lower rate, and a simple payment plan.

Contact us to learn more about our personal loans, the payment plans we offer and how we can help you if you need quick cash. Or choose a New Mexico or Texas location below and start there.

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About Payment 1 Financial Group

At payment 1 we’ve recognized a need in the consumer loan industry and have addressed it. We offer the best loan program to customers that might typically use high interest Title or Installment loans.

We give our customers a much lower rate and a simple payment plan.  We can even payoff your current loan!  Title and Installment loans are too expensive and too hard to get out of.  Let Payment 1 Financial give you a real loan.

We’ve already paid off thousands of Title and Installment loans. So whatever your needs are, Payment 1 Financial can help.  Don’t settle for outrageous interest rates or 30 day loans, you now have options. Choose the best one for you and your family.